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Garden Plots


Are you interested in growing your own produce and living a healthy lifestyle? You’ve come to the right space!


The Edward L. Community Gardening and Education Center has two gardens: The Edward Cooper Garden at 32-34 Linwood Street and the Alan Crite Garden on Cedar Street. 

The rental fee is $35 for seniors 
(Senior citizens have first priority)

The rental fee is $55 for non-seniors

  • Prices are subject to change in the future

  • Spaces are rented on a seasonal basis

  • The fee includes use of garden tools, compost and water

  • Raised garden beds and single plots are available

Please submit the application below. Or contact Carol or Deb at

Thanks for submitting!

Artists of Humanity


At the Cooper Center, we offer our facilities to community members to host their special events. All requests must be submitted at least one (1) week in advance of the event date. Online requests will be responded to via email and/or phone. Please allow up to 48 hours for a response to your request. 

The cost to rent the Center for an event begins at $200.
The price will be negotiated when the event details are discussed. 

To reserve the center contact James Owens at 617-942-8319.

Facility Rental
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